Under Water Gaming

Swimming 2016

Peter Pollock Photography – The Gallery Show

Minecraft Jake and the Jet


I have deviated from my normal rule here: No Photoshop. Well, I used Lightroom, but it’s the same thing. The thing is, the black and white/sepia effect really…

Up, up and away

Clovis Balloon Festival

Getting that ‘perfect’ shot can be difficult, tedious and sometimes just downright frustrating. I went to the Clovis Balloon show not really knowing what to expect but hoping…

Hannah Sasser looking like herself.

Being Photogenic

I had the pleasure this week of photographing around 600 people every day at our church’s VBS. As I went through the photo’s, I discovered 3 things: I…

Promise - by Peter Pollock


Just before Christmas 2014, I went with a couple of friends downtown to photograph the beautiful Christmas lights. It was raining, which didn’t help, but somehow I just…

The marvel of a space shuttle

Space Shuttle Endeavour

The California Science Center is the home of the now retired Space Shuttle Endeavour. Unless you’ve had a chance to see one up close, it’s hard to describe…

Where the rubber meets the… runway