A River Runs Through It

When we went camping at Canyon View campground this year, we really weren’t sure what the site would be like. We didn’t even know if there was a river to play in!

Thankfully, there was, and we had a lot of fun down there, even though the water level was VERY low, due to the drought.

The river had a lot of rocks and the water was fast flowing, so it gave me a chance to try my hand at a little river photography. It’s really quite different from some of the other photography I’ve attempted and I’m really not sure what people would find nice to look at.

Here’s some of my favourite shots. are there any you like?

A Mountain River

Scenes from a mountain river

Mini Rapids 1

I love capturing the water as it cascades

Mini Rapids 2

These are quite small rocks but look much more impressive in close-up

Water on rocks

I love the way the water coats the rocks like jelly

Water on Rocks 2

For some reason, this reminds me of jellied eels!

Water on Rocks 3

It’s fascinating how the water comes back on itself.

Where the living meets the rock

A wonderful battle as the tree roots arch over the rocks and the rocks try to cover them.

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  1. I think the last two are my favorites. I’ve been wanting to try changing shutter speeds while photographing water but haven’t had an opportunity to. It can really change the appearance of the water.

    • I didn’t really mess with the shutter speeds in this shoot… I wish I had.

      The one-before-last shot was actually taken with the flash (accidentally) but it’s probably my favourite!

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