I’m not a fan of photographing living things… people and animals just don’t work for me!

I prefer my shots to be highly composed and people and critters just move around too much for me to get good shots – and I’m definitely not going to start telling people where to stand and when to smile!

Our camping trip did yield a couple of shots of critters, a blue jay and a chipmunk, taken at opportune moments which didn’t come out too terrible though. I just wish the light had been better!

Which is the best, in your opinion?

Blue jay ready to fly

I wanted to catch him as he took off, but this was the closest I got

Blue jay rear view

I don’t know if it was personal, but he sure liked to have his back to me!

chipmunk eating

Too much cuteness

chipmunk on two legs

Yeah, we see you big guy!

foraging chipmunk

I can smell that food here somewhere!

alert blue jay

Ever watchful, the bluejay would hardly sit still!

alert chipmunk

The noisy Japanese people next to me kept scaring the poor guy!