Clovis Balloon Festival

Getting that ‘perfect’ shot can be difficult, tedious and sometimes just downright frustrating.

I went to the Clovis Balloon show not really knowing what to expect but hoping to get at least one killer shot that I could mount on the wall.

It didn’t happen.

The mixture of needing to be in exactly the right place with exactly the right camera setup at exactly the right moment (and looking the right way) made it very difficult to capture that one perfect shot. I much prefer photographing stationary, inanimate objects where you can take your time to line up the shot your really want.

It was a fun experience though and hopefully next time, what I learned about the process of getting a Hot air Balloon into the sky will enable me to be in better places at better times to get that illusive shot!

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  1. lovely photos, difficult to read the blog because the photos keep sending the text up and down depending on their size! You didn’t put the first photo there of the view while the balloon was being inflated – that was a good shot. I suppose it’s getting to know what makes a good picture on the wall. I have only ever seen inflated balloons actually in the air as pictures, I don’t know if anyone other than a balloon enthusiast would want a different kind of picture, but I loved that first one.

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