I’m trying to remember to take my camera with me wherever I go and a recent barbeque at a friend’s house was the perfect place to get the camera out and try some photography I’ve never tried before…. food!

I tried some images of their very pretty lights that they’ve hung from the trees, but those didn’t work out so well, but the burgers… well, they make me hungry just looking at them!

If you’re vegetarian, these pictures probably just affirm to you that you don’t ever want to eat meat. If you’re a burger lover though…. I challenge your mouth to not water when you see these!

bbq burger stack

Oh my goodness…. can I have them all in one bun?

pretty garden lights

Pretty Lights hanging from the trees

paraffin lamp flame

The flame was so strong and bold

night garden decor

These friends had some great decorations in their garden

Juicy bbq burgers

Juicy, succulent… do you want one?

Flames on the Barbecue

I love these flames

Barbeque burger

Mmmmm… burgers!

Barbeque Burger in smoke

My favourite burger picture