Feeling Autumnal

Capturing the beauty and essence of autumn is difficult, especially when you’re experiencing severe drought conditions.

The fall is a wonderful time of crisp, chill air, amazing colors and nature showing that even in death it can be stunningly beautiful.

This autumn has been my first as a photographer and I’ve tried to capture some of that fall magic – even though my pictures fail to include the feeling that comes with being outside in the coolness of the pre-winter air.

Which are your favorite of these pictures?

Fall trees with a church in the background

The colors, the church… everything just came together prefectly

A tree showing off its fall beauty

One tree – a hundred different colors!

Church with autumn leaves obscuring it

Possibly my favorite of the images, the tree looks like it wants to cover and swallow the tree

Autumn colors in a tree

How do leaves that start off so green turn so many different shades?

Shades of red in the leaves of a tree

I LOVE the color of the background offsetting these beautiful autumn colors

Fall tree with seeds ready to drop

Something about the little dangly-bops caught my attention

Trees in autumnal colors with a church

The trees look so majestic and overpower the little steeple

Shades of orange in the leaves

Beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red

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  1. I’ve finally got round to looking at your post! I like number 5 the best. The one with the dark background making the leaves really stand out. I heard a thing on TV about autumn saying the colours are just chemicals in the leaves but that means God put those chemicals there on purpose just so we could see all these colours every autumn and for no other reason.

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