Ceramic flowers on a wall hanging in the Kings Art Center Gallery

My ‘Ceramic Flowers on a Wall’…. on a wall!

The latest surprise in my unplanned life path is one I never even considered before, something that wasn’t even an outside possibility in my mind: Having my art work displayed in a gallery!

My life over the past few years has been a strange ride, almost completely unguided by me, which has included writing a ‘For Dummies’ book and self-publishing two children’s books.

Becoming an author was something I’ve always wanted to do so, while my book contract came out of the blue when I wasn’t chasing one, getting it was nowhere near as surprising as seeing artwork I created hanging in a gallery!

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I’ve never been able to afford a decent camera and so have put it on the back-burner for years.

Now that I have a Canon Rebel T5i though, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up and I’m stepping somewhat blindly into a whole new world.

The Kings Art Center Winter┬áMembers Show came at a time when I was caught up in an avalanche of new ‘art’ possibilities and all of a sudden, I was entering three photo’s for possible selection to be in the show.

This weekend, Saturday November29th, 2014 to be precise, The show opened and they had selected TWO of my pictures.

Ceramic Flowers on a Wall, taken at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta Buckhead (pictured above) and Trees by Firelight (below), taken in Yosemite this summer now adorn the walls of the gallery along with dozens of paintings, drawings, photo’s and other creations by local artist.

'Tree by campfire' hung in the Kings Art Center Gallery

A tree lit by the light of a campfire

I thought, when I first held a copy of Web Hosting For Dummies in my hand that it was a surreal experience… but that was NOTHING compared with the feeling of seeing photo’s I took hung in a real gallery!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to continue on this journey. I really have no idea where it will tke me next, but I’m looking forward to finding out!