A trip to Chuckchansi Park in Fresno, CA to see the Fresno Grizzlies play baseball provided some new challenges – and despite taking over 1500 shots over two days, I only got a handful of useable photo’s.

Distance, angles and the pure speed that the ball moves made the shots hard to get. I had the camera in sports mode which means it takes pictures one after the other continuously while you hold the button down. Even in sports mode though, the ball moved so fast that it would often enter the frame (heading toward the batter) and leave again off his bat in between shots, so it’s pretty much the luck of the draw whether you actually get the ball in the shot or not.

Baseball pitcher releasing the ball

Is the human arm supposed to look like that… and what’s up with his neck?

Batter concentrating hard

This was the best shot I got of a batter watching the ball head toward him. He didn’t swing.

Firework explodes

I like this image because of the definition of the explosion in the center of the firework

Foul hit

I love that I managed to capture this image just as the ball went straight up in the air

Fresno Grizzlies pitcher mid-throw

Look at the intensity on his face and the amount that he is straining to hurl the ball

Fresno Grizzlies baseball foul hit

This shows the speed the ball moves somewhat. The ball has come backwards off his bat, but everyone is still looking ahead

Fresno Grizzlies player hitting the ball

If you look closely, you can see that the ball is actually on the bat

Baseball batter hitting the ball

That’s not photoshopped, that’s actually the ball on the end of his bat!

White fireworks

White Fireworks at The Fresno Grizzlies