Grand Hyatt Hotel Buckhead (Atlanta)

A few days at the Type-A Conference, which this year was held in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta gave me an opportunity to try to find some, let’s say, alternative shots.

Sure, there were hundreds of people to photograph, but what about those specials things about the hotel which gave it that wow factor. How do you capture those adequately on camera?

Even though many of the little extras at the hotel require a feel for the sound and the atmosphere created, such as the waterfall out by the patio and the stunning views enjoyed in the still and calm of night from the terrace, I have tried to bring those experiences to you on screen.

I hope you can get even a hint of the feel of the pleasure of being at the hotel from these few images.


Flowers on the wall

These are actually hung on a wall, they’re not a horizontal installation.

Interesting piece in the zen garden at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Interesting piece in the zen garden at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Side view of the wall art at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Side view of the wall art at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Wall Art

Some people called these the ‘coffee filters’. I think they had a beauty all of their own. At the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

The green building

Why they have this building illuminated in green is beyond me… but it looks cool

The green building

Why green? I have no idea, but it looks cool!

The Skyline at night

Interesting architecture beside the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, Atlanta

Skyline at dusk

Contrasting architectural styles at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Porcelain flowers at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead

I couldn’t take enough pictures of these flowers

Pink Waterfall

There is SO much wrong with this image, but the light reflections in the water came out beautifully!

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  1. Great photos…I have no idea why Tower Place has the green neon, its been that way since they built it back in the 70’s. It used to be the tallest building around back in the day, so it was easy to spot Buckhead from other locations. Perhaps the fact the Limelight Disco used to be across the street on Piedmont had something to do with the flashiness… that building is hidden by the others. There used to be a Buick Dealer on the corner where the Grand Hyatt now stands…yeah, I am old and know lots of useless facts. Again love your shots!

    • Thanks, Julie.

      It’s great to hear some of the history. I assumed the building was fairly new, it never occurred to me that it had been there since the 70’s!

  2. I like the first wall art one best of the art ones. And I like the green ones and the water reflection is lovely, like doodles on the water!

    • Thanks, mum. I couldn’t decide at all which of the wall art ones I liked best… and I deleted loads that may have been as good or better!

      • That is one of the problems with taking loads the same you end up not knowing what to keep – and I meant to say I really like the Zen Garden one.

        • The shadows and the light in the zen garden picture make me not like it very much, but it was the best of a dozen or more I took in the garden

          • I think the Zen Garden is lovely because it stands out so stark against a dark background with loads of shadows. On it’s own in the day light it would just be a bit of concrete with some lines on.

  3. I love these, Peter! Those green lights were peeking in through my window!! We were like – what is with the alien lighting? But they were really pretty.

    Love that Zen Garden pic. Beautiful.

    • Thanks, Andrea.

      It’s a little odd to me that the lights stay on all night… at least, I think they do, I didn’t stay up past 3am.

      It seems like an incredible waste of electricity!

      • It’s one of those things. Councils are trying to save the planet (and their budgets) by turning off every other street light but the County Council still illuminates it’s building for aesthetic reasons.

  4. Those porcelain flower ones are stunning. I think the first is my favourite, too, but they’re all great. And yes, the reflections on the water in the pink fountain look brilliant. Well done!

    • Thanks, Jen.

      The flower ones were hard to get as I had to place the camera against the wall and couldn’t get my head close enough to use the viewfinder.

      It’s also funny when people love the pictures, like the water one, where I didn’t achieve at all what I was trying to achieve. Apparently I’m an accidentally good photographer!

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