I have deviated from my normal rule here: No Photoshop.

Well, I used Lightroom, but it’s the same thing. The thing is, the black and white/sepia effect really worked for what I was trying to create with these shots.

Jake was at the U.S. Navy base for his Dad’s last flight (possibly ever) as a Navy pilot and I took this series of shots attempting to contrast the youth and innocence of the boy with the size, power and strength of the plane behind him.

There was also a degree of ‘passing the torch’ from father to son, as Jake is wearing some of his father’s headgear and it seemed quite symbolic for him to do so.

I love also that Jake is wearing his Minecraft t-shirt as that adds to the contrast between youth and adulthood, with the ‘toys’ being a little less dangerous and the ‘games’ a little less real.

If Jake grows up to become a Naval aviator, I’d love to do a follow-up series with him and his jet (and maybe his son, too!)

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  1. love those photos, Pete

  2. These are so cool! Really great shots.

    My favourites are 1, 4 and 8.

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