The moon fascinates me. Absolutely fascinates me.

It’s the only celestial body we can see with any clarity (without the use of a telescope) and it changes so dramatically from day to day that, while it’s always the same moon, showing us its same face, it’s almost never the same.

I have previously posted pictures of the Supermoon, but here are a few shots I have taken recently that show our lunar neighbor in some dramatic ways, from a blood moon, to a moon waxing gibbous to a beautifully moody moon from early November 2014:


Blood moon 1

Not quite blood red, but stunning anyway!

An Orange Blood moon

They call it a blood moon, but since when was blood orange?

Dark Blood Moon

The ominous darkness threatens to engulf the blood moon

Is this the moon or the sun?

Is this the moon or the sun? (hint: it’s dark out)

The moon waxing gibbous

I just love the term ‘waxing gibbous’ and that’s what luna was doing tonight

The moon peaking out

Looking almost as bright as the sun, the moon peaks out from behind some clouds

The moody moon

This was not a blood moon, but it sure looked moody

The moon behind the clouds

Shrouded like a bride before her wedding, the moon waits….

The moon behind a tree

Just a small section of tree in the shot, but I LOVE how it looks

A cloudy moon

I sometimes wonder what the moon would look like if it had an atmosphere… maybe it would be something like this

Bright moon

I was so glad I managed to get the moon looking so bright yet still having such detail

The beautiful moon

The moon is always beautiful – just some times more so than others