Peter Pollock looking away from the cameraPeter Pollock is awesome and totally the coolest person you could ever meet. He rocks the world at everything he ever tries…. blah, blah, blah.

Did you know that in almost all circumstances, when you read a short piece of information about a person, even though it’s written in the third person, they actually wrote it themselves?

I don’t like any of that self-promotion stuff, so here’s the bottom line:

I started taking photo’s and I wanted to play with displaying online some of the photo’s I’ve been taking. So I created this site.

I’m not sure how, but very soon things got a little out of hand and people were buying prints of my photo’s from me and I even ended up exhibiting at an art fair.

If you like my photography, that’s great! I just try to capture things in a way that we don’t normally see them to highlight their secret beauty.

Here’s my current setup:

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i


Memory Cards:

Filters: Vivitar Series 1 filter kit

Green Screen: Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Chromakey Green Screen Video Lighting Kit With Softbox Light Kit