We didn’t get many pomegranates this year, but those we did get were just begging to be photographed.

I resisted as long as I could, but when I spotted some alien-looking bugs sunning themselves on the juicy fruits what could I do but grab my camera?

The sneaky little critters refused to be photographed well though. Even manually focusing, I just couldn’t get a perfect shot of them… maybe they WERE aliens after all?

a lone pomegranate

Aliens on a pomegranate

Are those aliens?

A bug on a pomegranate

That’s one scary looking bug!

Pomegranate in front of an open cottage

Pomegranate with a cottage in the background

A country scene in the middle of town?

The bottom part of a pomegranate

pomegranate ready for picking

Don’t you just want to reach out and grab it?

Ripe pomegranate A Pomegranate up close

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  1. Your house is just the right colour for the backdrop they are lovely, but I don’t think much of the bugs!

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