Trees in Close-Up

Camping in the woods gave me lots of time and opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and experiment with trying to capture some of the fantastic colours, designs and shapes that nature is filled with.

Walking through the forest in Kings Canyon National Park, I found many downed trees, whose ripped and decaying trunks threw open for all to see the fibers and sinews of their innermost parts.

There were also many opportunities to photograph live trees and I particularly liked taking photo’s along their trunks in a kind of ‘ants-eye’ view.

I hope you enjoy them!

Close up of tree bark

Fallen tree with outer layers stripped away

The outer layers had broken away from this tree, showing that the branches start deep inside.

View along a fallen tree trunk Leaves by a tree trunk Leaves and a tree trunk Moss on a fallen tree The end of a broken tree branch Have you ever looked REALLY closely at tree bark?

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  1. Really enjoyed these.

  2. mary chacon

    love it. thanks for sharing your talent

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