Under Water Gaming

A dive under water with some everyday objects makes for a different, and fun, photo shoot.

I love to capture people’s personalities on camera. If I’m going to photograph people, I really don’t like doing posed, smiling family portraits. Sure, they’re nice to keep a record of what you all look like, but somehow they don’t always seem to record character along with looks.

I much prefer trying to create situations where my subject’s character can show through. The best compliment I ever receive is when people tell me I captured their child’s character perfectly – and without fail, they LOVE it when I do.

Adding in the odd effects of being in a pool to a shoot means that I can photograph swimmers doing something they love and it lets them intermingle their favourite environment with their favourtie pass times, which helps them relax and enjoy the shoot and lets the camera see them looking, moving and behaving more naturally.

For this shoot with Bella, we tried to combine the three things she loves most, Star Wars, swimming and video games in a fun way – under water at the bottom of the pool.

These are the images I loved most from the shoot. I love them all for different reasons, but my favourites are probably the nose-scrunched-smiling-from-ear-to-ear shots. Artistically they may not be the best, but I know that years from now, if I look back at these pictures, they will remind me exactly how fun (and pretty) Bella is and how much we enjoyed getting under water and creating these images.

Bella playing playstation under water Bella leaning on the edge of the pool smiling Bella diving into the water in a summer dress Bella coming up through the pool Bella, arms streamlined, rising through the water Haunting image of Bella in the water Bella with her arms outstretched standing in the pool Bella wearing a dress, playing playstation in the pool Bella breaking through the surface in statue pose Bella coming out of the water in streamline pose, eyes closed Bella coming out of the water in streamline pose, eyes open Bella welcoming others into the water The Klaw sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pool Bella doing a butterfly kick under water Bella smiling at the camera with pajamas on Bella diving into the pool in her Star Wars pajamas

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Pete

  2. Melissa

    Great pictures! !

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